La Dolce Vita

Just imagine a rustic farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, a restored medieval convent in the hills, a luxury apartment contained within a villa owned by the famous Medici family or living in a castle.  All entirely possible in Italy. 

HM Italia will support you in your search for opportunities in medieval villages, ancient palazzo, abandoned convents, rustic old farmhouses and renaissance villas. 
HM Italia works with experienced architects and other experts who design, develop and realize in the Netherlands as well as in Italy.

You  decide on the level of luxury.  Working with you, HM Italia will listen to your needs, investigate the options for renovating, constructing and managing your property.
Would you prefer a larger, commonly owned collection of several buildings? With its own custode (concierge) taking care of your every day needs during the time you are at your home in GB?
Or do you prefer a secluded farmhouse with its own infinity pool and with unequaled panorama?

We let ourselves be inspired by your requests and by the setting, culture and local traditions and the classical beauty of the traditional Tuscan way of building.  In addition we allow for optimal sustainability, accessibility, solid infrastructure and optima transport possibilities.

All of the above will rapidly provide you with the special Dolce Vita feeling of living in Italy. And: carefree!