Your house in Italy

Are you also so fascinated by Tuscan Architecture,  and the breathtaking Tuscan landscape? Do also you adore the Italian way of life, the Italian cuisine?

Would you like to live in Tuscany? In your second or perhaps even your main home?

We are keen to help you realise your dreams, because we entirely share your enthusiasm. After all, in Tuscany the origin of many of the world's most beautiful arts can be found such as paintings, sculptures and architectural designs. This rich extensive artistic heritage is the reason HM architects has expanded beyond their home base in the Netherlands to Italy as HM Italia.
Sustainability, energy conscious, and a no sorrow approach are essential criteria in addition to splendor and functionality.  

HM Italia will guide the development of your plans, designing or building or restoring beautiful farms, case coloniche, old factories, villas and palazzi and many other spectacular Tuscan buildings which combined with the exquisite Tuscan countryside, prove so enchanting.

We are pleased to offer you our extensive knowledge and experience, in Tuscany and in the surrounding areas like Umbria and Le Marche.

Our network is aimed at several captivating and beautiful regions in Tuscany, close to international airports.

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